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R.o.h&h Made with passion and Love

founded by Rashad Ahmad an upcoming fashion designer the story of the brand came about showing the love of fashion as well of each other we all been in a position where we wanna look good but feel good as well having the up most confidence approaching who ever when ever with R.o.h&h it gives you that.

Dressing it up or down we wanna go for timeless looks and styles of luxury. takeing our time with each piece so that it screams confidence,swagger,and spiciness. so you can go out looking the best for yourself as well for him or her.

R.o.h&h™ was founded on the belief that now, more than ever, nothing is more important than our time spent together. We are a lifestyle brand built on sexiness, creativity & compassion, re-imagining the things we wear when we spend time with the people we love. To bring people together and catch up on a year of being physically apart.



R.o.h&h: Understated, Elevated Classics

Capturing the luxury, elegance coolness of sportswear,menswear,and womenswear. Inspired by the past, made for living in the present. 

We draw inspiration from modernist design & understated simplicity. We re-imagine vintage menswear and womenswear classics through color, texture and shape by combining the past with the future, masculinity with femininity and elegance with effortlessness. The result is a new era of fashion made for casual living.


Accessible, Sustainable & cut above

Our mission is to release creativity in menswear and womenwear from the best quailty and sustainable production. We believe that we can have well-made, well-designed garments without sacrificing accessibility and sustainability.

International fabrics and manufacturers

R.o.h&h™ is founded on the belief that the simplest things are the most complex. We take the time to re-imagine one style at a time, creating less but better wardrobe staples: pieces of best of the best quality for the price and intentional proportions. By pieces as well we source for the best fabrics from any country as well mass produce our sources comes from china,italy,united kingdom and many more.


With Gratitude.

I believe the things we surround ourselves with have the power to impact the way we navigate everyday life. We were made to connect with other humans, to put ourselves out there, go after the things that fire us up and share our passions.

I created R.o.h&h™ after 6 years of styling for myself and others to fill a creative void I found in industry of menswear/womenswear. I wanted to build clothes that imparted that personal feeling of fulfillment that I could never find accessibly anywhere else. Things that led to the creation of moments that fostered deep abiding joy. Find the pleasure in personal style, surround yourself with the people that fill your heart and the rest will follow.

With a full heart,
Rashad A.

You can always reach me directly. I'd love to hear from you:

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